Erno Vroonen is a private curatorial advisor and independent curator for contemporary art based in Munich and Brussels. He started his career in the 1980s with his gallery Polynero (1984-88) and as an art consultant in Antwerp, Belgium. In 1996 he moved to Germany, where he became artistic director of the Aktionsforum Praterinsel in Munich (1998-2002). His love for contemporary art inspired a lot of collectors, young curators, gallerists and artists.


Erno Vroonen has written for several art publications and exhibition catalogues. He is member of AICA (Association of International Art Critics) since 1983. He organized numerous international exhibitions for galleries and art institutions, such as Frontiera / Belgian Selection 92 (Bolzano), Invita (Verona); Something Happens… (Lier, Belgium); Echo of My Mind (Munich); Surrounding Mapplethorpe, Sonder Schau und Dalla Scirocco al Föhn (Praterinsel, Munich and Genoa); 4Ks2/63, The Auschwitz Trial (Frankfurt am Main and Berlin); Check in Europe (European Patent Office, Munich); b.LINE (Niewkerke, Belgium); 7 days brunch (Basel); Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere, Galerie der Künstler (Munich); Gegenüber und Miteinander, Church Congress 2010 (Munich).


From 2006-2008 and 2010-2012 Erno Vroonen advised the „Spirit of BOZ Association Julien Friedler for Contemporary Art“ for exhibitions and the conceptional development of the association. In this context he curated the exhibition trilogy BeBOZ in Munich (2008) with the focus on the theme „Alternative dialogues in our Contemporary Culture“.


From 2008-2012 he worked as a curatorial advisor for the Groeninghe collective in Bruges, Belgium, where he advised purchases from artists such as Tomas Saraceno, Ida Ekblad, Damiàn Ortega, Pamela Rosenkranz, Thomas Zipp, Matthias Dornfeld, David Claerbout and Rinus van de Velde (amongst others).


In this context he is very well known for discovering in an early stage promising talents. For that reason he was also invited as a reviewer for the latest edition of „Mannheim Fotofestival“ (2011): The Eye Is A Lonely Hunter.


Since 2014 he works as an advisor for the private Belgian collection Van Tuyckom-Taets in order to upgrade and contextualize the collection. In this context he also supervises the public presentation of the collection at Vlerick Business School in Brussels and Gent.


Currently Erno Vroonen is also curating an exhibition for the auction house Karl & Faber in Munich, taking place in May 2016 (20.-27. May).


Erno Vroonen provides professional and individually aligned art services due to his longtime experience and contacts within the international art world.